Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello again

Well folks, I graduated from library school while working full time and lived to tell the tale! Now that it is all behind me, I have more time to focus on the more neglected aspects of my life, including this blog.

A lot has changed since I last wrote. I moved out of my wonderful, glorious apartment and am living with my dad south of Richmond. I decided to take this less than ideal step because I am job hunting and I do not know where I'll be in a few months. Freedom from a lease will enable me to more easily relocate. I am still working as a library assistant and can stay on for as long as I'd like, but they do not have the money to open up a librarian position for me, so I'm looking elsewhere.

I had a phone interview with a university in Pennsylvania and am waiting to hear if they want me to come up for an in person interview. For those of you who know my hatred of Pennsylvania due to my awful childhood there, I was as surprised as you are to discover that the thought of moving back sit well with me once I got over the initial knee jerk reaction of disgust. I've also applied to a few other jobs and plan to apply to more as they cross my path.

In short, there's been a whole lot of a movin' and a shakin'. The future is wide open and lookin' pretty good. I'll be keeping you posted :-).

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