Thursday, August 23, 2012

Children of hoarders interview series

by Rusty Sheriff via Flickr
Are you a child of a hoarder? Do you know a child of a hoarder? I would like to start a guest post series that revolves around interviewing fellow children of hoarders.

We all have a different story to tell and telling those stories will help us to create a stronger community. The Children of Hoarders message board on Yahoo! is an excellent resource, but I often don't get a good sense of someone's background and, therefore, can't connect as well. Also, when someone does introduce themselves, their message tends to get buried rather quickly.

I want to start this interview series so that we can all get to know each other better, especially those of us who blog or are active with social media. If there's anything I've learned about being a child of a hoarder, it's that a support system is essential to creating a healthy balance in your life. Would you be willing to be interviewed? Send me an email at squalorhollerblog at gmail dot com so we can get started!

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