Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Someday is Today: Clearer skin update

It's been two weeks since I shared my plan for clearer skin and I thought now would be a good point to evaluate how I'm doing.

I've been following my plan closely and continue to be pretty happy with the results so far. Thanks to exfoliating often, I have far fewer blackheads. I still have more than I'd like though, so I think it's time I tried something different. I'm seriously considering trying a baking soda scrub tonight instead of using my usual scrub.

Last week, I had a few large, unsightly pimples crop up that ticked me off to no end. Luckily, they didn't stick around for very long. I'm thinking/hoping that stress may have triggered these guys to make an appearance since the last few weeks have been a bit stressful. If I notice more large pimples in the future, I'm considering buying a lower percentage benzoyl peroxide cream to apply as a preventative to areas where pimples tend to crop up the most, as per acne.org's recommendation.

Moving forward, I want to continue to focus on my jawline since I'm still experiencing more blemishes than I'd like around this area in particular. Additionally, for the past couple of summers, I've been experiencing what I think is heat rash mixed with dry skin spots around my neck and chest area. I want to give these areas some extra attention to help clear up these spots. I'm going to try to apply lotion more often to see if that'll help. If that doesn't seem to do the trick, I'll probably give some aloe vera a shot.

Speaking of aloe vera, I went to the beach on Sunday and got some pretty bad sunburn on my shoulders. I should get a bottle just for that alone.

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