Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finding hope

by Moyan_Brenn via Flickr
I have been, rather slowly, reading What is the What by Dave Eggers the last few weeks and came across a wonderful quote:

"But without [my friend], I would have forgotten that I had not been born on this journey. That I had lived before this."

The book is about a man who had to flee his village in Sudan when he was a child and walk hundreds of miles with gunmen and hungry animals at his heels to find freedom (more info). Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges in front of him, he was able to find comfort in friendship.

Whatever you're going through, try to surround yourself with reminders that help you remember that whatever challenges you're presently facing, you have not always faced them or, if you have, that you not always will. Most of our problems in life are temporary. If we keep that simple fact in mind, the problems will shrink and seem less daunting. Just as life has gone on in the past, it will continue to go on in the future. The present is not the whole picture.

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