Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just breathe

from Office Space
Dear self,

I know that you are hurt right now. I know that what she said to you and how she said it was unfair and it made you feel so hurt and so small. But guess what? You are bigger and better than her misconceptions. What matters is that Dad loves you and things are fine with him. You are moving soon, a mere three weeks, and you will no longer have to see her, no longer have to deal with her. She is nothing, no one, and will continue to be nothing to you. Just hang on. You have had to deal with much worse for a much longer amount of time. This can be done.


P.S. The truth always wins out. It may not be revealed or realized immediately, but it is there and it is unwavering.


  1. your letter writing self is right!

    I didn't talk to my addict parent for a decade and it was awesome.

    1. Time and space can do wonders for healing and improving communication :-)