Sunday, November 7, 2010

A more thorough introduction

My name is Sarah and I am a twentysomething living in Richmond, VA. I decided to write this blog for a variety of reasons.

My main reason for writing is because I have a story to tell. I would ultimately like to pen a memoir and I decided that getting my thoughts down in a blog would help the whole process along. Many of the things I will be writing about have not been voiced to anyone and have barely been acknowledged by my own self. Writing this blog will help me find my voice and allow me to get back into the swing of writing, a craft I have let slide over the years.

My story is one of squalor. I grew up with a mother who is a hoarder and who has undiagnosed mental issues. We had and continue to have a very dysfunctional relationship. The years of hardship and humiliation I spent with her ultimately motivated me to move away from my home in Pennsylvania and to attend college in Virginia.

On the flip side of tragedy, I have begun a new life in Virginia and would also like to use this blog as a place to sound off about my interests. I strive to better myself everyday and I would like to communicate a message of hope for those who have gone through or are currently going through similar problems. I would not wish the loneliness and hopelessness I felt during those years of my life on anyone.

Deep breaths now, yes?

Currently, I am working full time at an academic library and going to grad school full time. I'm studying information sciences so that I can become a full fledged, sexy librarian. I have an adorable Siamese cat that keeps me entertained and a cast of friends that never disappoint. I have plenty of romantic mishaps. I am a pesco-vegetarian and I love to cook and bake. I can play a pretty bad ass game of Scrabble. Thanks to my artist father, I have a good eye for the aesthetically pleasing and I try to expose myself to art on a regular basis. I strive to be eco-friendly and to live a minimalist life. Experiences mean more to me than stuff. I love to travel both internationally and domestically. I like to go out and enjoy this city I now call home as much as possible: riding my bike, drinking, dancing, engaging in shenanigans. All of these things that make up my life are up for grabs for topics I'll be writing about.

Even though I have a dark past, I try to live for the present and plan for the future. Likewise, this blog will be a mix of the past, present, and future. I surely hope it will be an enjoyable ride.

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