Monday, June 24, 2013

What makes the Bay Area different

by pifou95 via Flickr
Now that I've been a California resident for almost 6 months, I feel like I can reflect a little bit on what it's like to live here. Here are the three major differences I've noticed between living in the Bay Area and everywhere else I've lived.

1. Drugs are everywhere. It seems like the majority of people here don't realize that pot is illegal in America. I smell it on the street. I smell it in my apartment building. I smell it on public transportation. Hell, I've seen people smoking pot on the street, on public transportation, at concerts. Don't get me wrong, if that's your thing, by all means, go for it. I'm not being Judgey McJudgerson over here. I'm just used to it being more taboo and hush hush. The people of the Bay Area, on the other hand, like to let their freak flag fly.

2. Homeless people are everywhere. I thought there were a lot of hobos in Richmond, VA. Boy, was I wrong. The laws are much more lax here, so homeless people can pretty much sleep and loiter wherever they want. I've smelled and seen more human excrements than I care to admit and I know I'll only be seeing more while I live here. More than anything, the daily sight of all of these homeless, mentally ill, and addicted individuals makes me really sad and uncomfortable. If I had to choose one thing that I like the least about living here, this would be it.

3. Recycling is everywhere. You guys, I get to compost my paper towels and banana peels at work. I no longer have to worry about what number plastic my containers are. As an avid recycler and general environmentally conscious person, it tickles me to see how little I throw away on a daily basis. The stereotype of Californians being a bunch of tree hugging hippies isn't too far off the mark.

Have you ever been to California and the Bay Area in particular? What struck you the most about what makes this place different?

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