Monday, June 17, 2013

The 2000 Things challenge: part 2

by linus_art via Flickr
A few weeks ago, I began my 2000 Things decluttering challenge. How have I been doing lately? Well, life got pretty crazy there for a second. I've been working long hours to meet deadlines and a new love interest has sauntered into my life, so I've had very little free time to do my regular errands and things, let alone extra projects. But! I still managed, in the extra seconds I've had at my disposal, to get rid of a few more things and identify things I need to work on using up.

I got rid of:

  • a box of tea that only had one teabag left in it (I used the teabag to make a cup of tea before I recycled the box)
  • a compact of blush that I finally used up
  • a pot of lipgloss that I've had since high school (seriously)
  • 5 samples I had received in the mail that had been lying around for awhile
  • a broken spray bottle that I finally got a replacement for
  • a nearly empty bottle of hand soap that needed to be emptied into my soap dispenser

Compared to my initial 189 items, these 10 look measly, but progress is still progress, no matter how small.

I think that it is potentially just as important to work on getting rid of things as it is to actually get rid of them. For example, I have some containers of lotion that need to go, so I've been trying to remember to use them whenever I can. Also, I've been trying to finish a jigsaw puzzle and work through some really ancient crossword puzzle books so they can go out the door too. It's not possible to throw everything out immediately when you identify it as something you no longer what or need, so making it a priority to use up is crucial. Otherwise, it's just going to continue to sit there.

My grand total thus far: 199 items. 

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  1. Great work! 200 items is still a lot when you live on your own (and I'm guessing not in a huge house). I also enjoy the satisfaction of finishing/emptying something that I don't want any longer. It feels great to then have just the one or two moisturizers that you like, for example, than to have a pile you don't.