Monday, February 18, 2013

Someday is Today: Making new friends

Everywhere I've ever gone in life, I've managed to make friends. Every summer camp session, every international trip, every school. Despite being a natural introvert, I do have the human desire to be well liked and agreeable.

Since moving to California, I have managed to meet a few people who may very well turn into friends. Most of these people have fallen into my lap though, with very little effort on my part.

Over the course of the next few months, I want to put considerable effort into making new friends. I've been making the excuse that I've been too busy getting adjusted and settled to meet people. Well, that sounds like a very poorly disguised cover up for fear and laziness. So! I'm going to be social, damn it, and start making this place feel like home.

For the people who have already reached out to me (a coworker, a neighbor, a guy I met at a bar), I need to stay in contact with them and propose things to do instead of expecting them to always make the first move. If it turns out that I don't have a good connection with any of them, I shouldn't feel bad or try to force a lukewarm friendship. Just put my efforts into other friendships.

For the two people I know already who are living in the area (an acquaintance from Richmond and a distance relative), I need to send them messages and or emails to propose hanging out and actually see it through. Again, if these turn out to be a poor use of my time, keep on keeping on.

Lastly, I need to pursue ways to meet people. I am a member of MeetUp and have joined various groups, but I have yet to attend any events. I need to place more of a priority on being active in these groups. I've been meaning to sign up for a gym to swim and attend yoga classes. Perhaps I could meet people there. Keep brainstorming and looking for ways to meet likeminded people. Think of social ways to pursue my hobbies and interests I will no doubt encounter some good people.

What ways have you successfully made friends in a new city?

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