Monday, July 1, 2013

Life happenings

by daniandgeorge via Flickr
If the beginning of July has you wondering, "where the hell did June go?!" you are not alone. This month was a whirlwind of working my ass off, fun social events, starting a new almost relationship, doing a mud run (!), and conferences. I'm currently in Chicago for a conference and am about to fall asleep on my keyboard. So, I'll keep this short and sweet and give you some of the best things I found on the internet this month (apparently I was really into travel, Harry Potter, and cats).

10 best castles in Austria. I'm pretty sure I've only been to the one in Graz.

30 amazing abandoned places.

50 best drives. I've been on parts of Route 66, Pacific Coast Highway, Alpine Road in Germany, and Blue Ridge Parkway.

23 smile inducing pictures from behind the scenes of the Harry Potter movies.

American soliders playing quidditch- whaaaat.

Some great advice from Yes and Yes about what to do when people are jerks to you.

Kitten vs. lizard

Cat + glasses= the best gif on the internet. Deal with it.

Here's to an excellent and less hectic July!

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