Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November podcast

I am super excited to be sharing my first podcast with you today. Below is a conversation my brother and I had about growing up with our hoarding mother and how our experiences differed. Please take a listen and offer up your suggestions and questions!


  1. Great job you guys-Besides obviously getting along with each other so well, you both have very pleasant radio voices!
    Quit your day jobs! ok, ok, maybe not juuust yet. :)

    I applaud you for putting your emotions and experiences out there for other COH to hear (and relate to--I know about those orange mushrooms! {shiver shiver})

    Thank you for addressing my question-I'm glad to hear that your relationship with each other was not used as a chess piece in the dynamics of the hoarding in your family. Your relationship is clearly intact and one of mutual respect. Sure wish my brother would be as open to discussing his feelings about it all like this...special thank you to your brother for sharing.

    Not sure when your next one will be, but with the holidays approaching, my 2 cents for talking points for your next one might be things like...what kind of gifts did/do you give a hoarder?....what were/are holidays like in your hoarding family-were/are you chastised for ripping/ruining the wrapper paper? long did the Christmas tree (if you had one) stay up (or never leave) your received gifts from your HP come with conditions and/or guilt attached?

    Bravo to both of you!
    :) Donna

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Donna!

      Ah yes, holidays. We'll see what we can do :-).