Saturday, September 8, 2012

Retail lustings

Well, folks, I'm trying to keep a lock down on most of my funds at the moment since my savings account needs to be beefed up in anticipation of moving expenses and my student loans are officially off deferment at the end of this month (boo hiss), but I'm a human (a girl human to be exact) and I have wants that do not listen so well to budgets and rationality. Since I can't put these items in my closet, I'm gonna put them right here: 

J. Crew
I've been wanting a mustard cardigan for ages. If I get any of these items, a mustard cardigan is the most likely contender. I won't be paying full J. Crew retail for it though, I can tell you that. I might luck out and find one at a thrift store.

In addition to brightly colored cardigans, I've also been eyeing patterned cardigans a lot lately. This Madewell beauty fits the bill.

c/o Ruche
I have a surprisingly low number of dresses and exactly zero color blocked, pleated ones.

c/o Ruche
This striped dress would definitely make my closet more colorful and fun, don't you think?

Big, chunky necklaces are also something I've been wanting to spruce up my wardrobe with. While I'm not a huge fan of gold, I like the quirkiness of these mismatched beads.

 Again, not a huge gold fan, but the simplicity of this necklace wins me over.

c/o Need Supply
I'm such a sucker for loafers. I stand no chance against these blue beauts.

What have you been lusting over for fall?

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