Friday, September 28, 2012

California dreaming

I had a whirlwind visit to San Francisco earlier this week. I flew out Sunday, had a job interview all day on Monday, then flew back on Tuesday. Needless to say, I've been recovering ever since. The interview went well and I felt like I developed a good rapport with most of the people that I met. I should hear a yay or nay in a few weeks, so fingers crossed!

I managed to do a bit of sightseeing, like I had hoped, but I didn't get to see everything that was on my list. The first place I went shortly after I got settled in my hotel wasn't even on my list for some reason, but when I discovered it was only a few blocks away from my hotel, I couldn't possibly pass up a trip down Haight Street to see the infamous Haight and Ashbury intersection and soak in all of the patchouli scented hippie shops.

After having a delicious lunch at a nearby coffee shop, Reverie Cafe, I hopped on the Muni to see the sea lions on Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf. 

All I had to do was follow the sound of their barking to find them. These guys really draw a crowd and are hilarious to watch. I didn't realize how huge some of them get to be!  

After smiling and getting some warm and fuzzies from the sea lions, I hopped on the Muni again to go to a beach and dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean. Spoiler alert: it was really freaking cold.

I made a crab friend on the beach and you can see him to the left of me (as tired and windswept as I am). At this point, I took the Muni back to my hotel so that I could get ready to have dinner with the head of the search committee. It wasn't until after my interview the next day that I got to go back on in the city and do a bit more sightseeing.

Once I managed to convince myself to get out of bed after I lied down after my exhausting interview, I headed up to Crissy Field to try to get a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge which had managed to escape me my whole trip. On my short walk from the Muni to the bridge, I passed by the Palace of Fine Arts and the Exploratorium and was sorely disappointed that I didn't have more time to, well, explore.

Once I got to Crissy Field, here's what I saw:

That's right, a big fat nothing. It was super foggy and the only way I would have been able to see the bridge is if I were practically on the sucker. Since it was getting late and I was starving for dinner, I decided to give up on seeing the allusive bridge and enjoy wining and dining myself instead. I headed to the Tipsy Pig for their famous Strawberry Fields cocktail, perfectly seasoned salmon, and a plate of handmade ice cream sandwiches that I barely managed to make a dent in. It was a perfect way to congratulate myself for a job well done.

Even though I was exhausted for practically all of my trip, I enjoyed my time in San Francisco and hope to one day return (maybe to live?!) and take the time to explore the city properly. 

Have you ever been to San Francisco? What are/were your favorite haunts?

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