Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A fresh 1001 days

As promised, here is my new 101 goals in 1001 days list. Some of them are repeats from the last list because I want to continually improve upon those things. I've included many of the goals I did not accomplish last time.

1. Adopt another cat (I already finished this one!)
2. Visit all 50 states
3. Bake bread from scratch
4. Make pie crust from scratch
5. Graduate from grad school with honors
6. Try NaNoWriMo
7. Learn to scuba dive
8. Finish reading all Dickens' novels
9. Finish reading all Cat Who books
10. Frame diplomas
11. Organize a resource party
12. Set up Time Machine for Mac
13. Get rid of old laptop
14. Go to the opera
15. Go to the ballet
16. Start my memoir
17. Read the rest of the LOTR and watch the movies
18. Watch all the Star Wars movies
19. Start running
20. Go camping again
21. Increase number of countries I've visited
22. Donate money to charities and organizations
23. Donate blood
24. Volunteer somewhere
25. Vote every November
26. Stay in touch with high school and college friends
27. Visit more noteworthy places, in Virginia especially
28. Listen to more bands
29. Write more
30. Go to more concerts
31. Wear more skirts and dresses
32. Get a tan every summer
33. Increase the number of states I've visited
34. Try foods I haven't tried before
35. Take yoga classes
36. Be more stylish
37. Drink more water
38. Sell my vintage dress
39. Watch more movies
40. Take more pictures
41. Be outside more
42. Read at least 30 books a year
43. Travel to the UK
44. Travel cross country
45. Keep up with as much German as possible
46. Swim regularly
47. Buy a lottery ticket
48. Travel to somewhere tropical
49. Read the news more
50. Take vitamins daily
51. Draw and paint again
52. Learn sign language
53. Gain physical strength
54. Throw pots on a wheel again
55. Learn how to play poker
56. Get a message
57. Learn more about the Jewish faith
58. Establish an emergency fund of at least $3000
59. Open a Roth IRA account
60. Learn how to drive stick
61. Clean up files on laptop
62. Work on posture
63. Learn how to make Grandma McClung's biscuits
64. Get new glasses
65. Take a creative writing class
66. Make collages again
67. Pay off credit card and continue to pay off the full balance every month
68. Don't hold onto Netflix movies for over a week
69. Get a big girl job
70. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
71. Go on a picnic
72. Ride in a hot air balloon
73. Go on a cruise
74. Go skydiving
75. Buy a house
76. Take a photography class
77. Learn to knit
78. Get a facial
79. Find somewhere to stay through CouchSurfing
80. Learn to play guitar
81. Make my apartment more homey
82. Use more alternative transportation
83. Get a new bike
84. Learn a third language
85. Improve my blog
86. Go to a music festival
87. Listen to a book on tape
88. Go to the theatre again
89. Shop local more often
90. See a film at a drive-in theater
91. Grow herb plants
92. Go to an amusement park again
93. Travel by train
94. Be less wasteful
95. Present at a conference
96. Attempt to publish an article in a library journal
97. Stay more current with pop culture
98. Weed book collection
99. Learn more about wine
100. Learn more about beer
101. Spend more time with and talk more to my extended family

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