Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The end of 1001 days

As I mentioned previously, I keep a list of 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days. Today is the 1001 day of my last list, so I'm going to recap how I did. This is the second list I've made and I did a hell of a lot better this go around than the last. I accomplished 63 of my goals! Keep in mind that I started this list back in 2009, so a lot has happened since then. Some of my goals are no longer relevant or important to me. Also, some of the goals aren't earth shattering; they are just small things that I've wanted to do. Here are my accomplished goals:

1. Take the GRE
2. Apply and get into grad school
3. Get a tattoo and/or piercing
4. Go to a dermatologist again
5. Get a pedicure
6. Go camping again
7. Acquire houseplants
8. Donate money to charities and organizations
9. Get off of antidepressants
10. Get off of antianxiety medication
11. Get a food processor
12. Travel to Europe again
13. Make everyone homemade Christmas gifts one year
14. Buy a new one piece bathing suit
15. Volunteer somewhere
16. Vote every November
17. Reread the Harry Potter series
18. Stay in touch with high school and college friends
19. Visit more noteworthy places, in Virginia especially
20. Listen to more bands
21. Write more (a side effect of starting a blog)
22. Go to more concerts
23. Wear more skirts and dresses
24. Get a tan every summer
25. Increase the number of states I've visited (2- Tennessee and Kentucky)
26. Increase vocabulary (a side effect of studying for the GRE)
27. Stop worrying about things I can't control (a continual process, but I'm miles away from where I was in 2009)
28. Dust (I never used to dust. Instead, I relied on the "dust fairy," my college roommate, to dust for me. Now I'm a big girl who dusts all by myself!)
29. Save at least $100 per month (thanks, automated banking!)
30. Buy organic and natural products when possible, practical, and affordable
31. Try a different haircut/style (I got bangs last month...)
32. Acquire jewelry/accessories
33. Keep up pesco-vegetarianism
34. Eat more fruits and vegetables (goes hand in hand with being a pesco-veg)
35. Go back to the dentist and keep up with appointments (thanks, health insurance!)
36. Keep up with appointments with my therapist & psychiatrist until I no longer need them (I stopped going about two years ago)
37. Make more friends in Richmond
38. Date around and enjoy being single (I did until I started to date T)
39. Don't settle for less than I deserve in a relationship (I didn't when I started dating T)
40. Distance myself from my mother when I feel I need to and don't apologize for it or feel guilty
41. Hang out with and talk to my brother more
42. Stay on top of plucking eyebrows
43. Continue to plan regular bar outings with my coworkers
44. Try foods I haven't tried before
45. Take a yoga class (I've taken a few, but I need to take more!)
46. Start writing in a journal again (I'm considering this blog my journal)
47. Revamp my wardrobe- get rid of things that are way too old or that don't fit and replace them with quality new ones (this is a continual process, but I've made major headway the last few years)
48. Drink more water
49. Reduce my dairy intake (I now drink primarily soy or almond milk)
50. Learn how to change a tire (thanks, Dad!)
51. Get better at Scrabble (I play almost everyday on Facebook)
52. Cook and bake more frequently
53. Sell my film camera, flash, old winter coat, and two vintage dresses (I still have one more dress to sell, but I'm considering this finished)
54. Watch more movies
55. Menu plan
56. Take more pictures
57. Be outside more (a side effect from walking to work everyday)
58. Accept others' faults more readily
59. Clean out music on computer
60. Play more video games
61. Reciprocate love better (a continual process, but I'm more conscious of it now)
62. Read more nonfiction
63. Pare down my possessions to necessities (again, a continual process, but I'm more of a minimalist now than before)

So there you have it: the last 2.75 years in a nutshell! I'm starting another list and will post it as soon as it's completed.

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