Thursday, April 14, 2011

Try, try again

My brother was texting me last night and telling me about his most recent conversation with my mother. Due to the bleak educational funding in Pennsylvania, my mother's job is in jeopardy. Her position is funded by a grant and is up for review at the end of every fiscal year. The Pennsylvania governor has made it clear that education is not a priority for the state and so the chances of the grant not being renewed in July is very high. My mother's whole life is her job. She's pushed away everything and everyone out of her life because of it and would have absolutely nothing if she lost her job. She was in absolute shock when she was talking to my brother and could not speak of anything else. My brother was trying to give her an ultimatum- admit to her current hoarding and make attempts to change or not find out the sex of their baby (or know when the baby is born, if things continue the way they've been going). My brother said that she was just silent. After prodding her for an answer, she just went back to talking about her job situation.

My brother has reached the end of his rope. This is a very unsettling realization for me as I thought he had an eternally long rope for my mother. For both of their sakes, I hope she emerges from her warped world before my brother lets go of the frayed ends.

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