Friday, May 6, 2011

Belly achin'

I've been fighting some kind of stomach bug the last few days. Pain and nausea, but nothing worse. I'm feeling better today, but I stayed home just in case and to save my strength for tomorrow. 

In other, much better news, I was surprised to learn that I won a scholarship through my school that will go towards my tuition next year! I almost forgot to apply to the scholarships a few months ago, but I threw my applications together really quickly. I wasn't expecting to win one at all, in fact, I had forgotten that I had applied, haha. It's really great to be recognized for your hard work every once in awhile, you know? :D

I'm going to try and buckle down here in a minute and make some headway on my last final. It's not due until Tuesday, but I've got my storytelling event on Monday and I just want this semester to be completely over already! I'm on my last ounce of motivation, so I'm going to need to push myself extra hard to make it through. 

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