Saturday, March 19, 2011

The big six oh

Today is my dad's 60th birthday. To be honest, 60 seems so incredibly old to me. It's hard to believe that my dad could be that old. My dad has aged well for the most part. He's in pretty good health, he's still got a pretty full, albeit gray, head of hair. Sometimes I think his mind is going a bit, but at other times, he's still sharp as a tack.

I'd be far worse for the wear if it weren't for my father. He's been incredibly supportive and involved in my life and is the perfect foil for my lackluster mother. I haven't written about him much on this blog even though I'm much closer to him than my mother. I guess it's due to the part of human nature that likes to be negative and complain about things rather than to talk about things that are clipping along and in good working order.

The healthy and loving relationship I have with my dad has kept me grounded and sane through many of the trails I've had in my short life. If I only had my mother to look to for parental love and support, I can only imagine how maladjusted and unhappy I would be. I fully believe that many of my goodhearted and creative qualities come directly from my dad.

So thank you, Dad, for being a dedicated father who is everything a daughter could ever hope for in a paternal figure. I hope he lives to see many, many more birthdays.

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